We are delighted to announce the new cohort of Britten Pears Young Artists.

We have an exciting group of over 80 outstanding early career artists who will benefit from the opportunities in the Britten Pears Young Artist Programme (BPYAP) this year. They are drawn from all around the world and will be welcomed to Suffolk throughout the year. The Britten Pears Young Artist Programme in 2022-23 encompasses our Residential Courses for singers, pianists, chamber ensembles, composers and instrumentalists, our Opera Production and unique Chamber Music Residencies.

These artists form our creative community of Britten Pears Young Artists for the year, and continue to build upon our legacy of bringing energetic and dynamic emerging artists to Snape to connect and be mentored by the world’s best performers, creatives and teachers.

As part of our family of Britten Pears Young Artists we will work to create bespoke artist development opportunities for them beyond the course they are participating in. This may include additional tuition and masterclasses, as well as wider professional development, industry-relevant offers and performance/commissioning opportunities. Where relevant, we will also connect them with other strands and departments of work at Britten Pears Arts, including our community team, our arts, health and wellbeing work, experimental Residencies, as well as having access to The Red House, Aldeburgh for research & the archive.


Kathryn Henry (Soprano, USA)
McKenzie Warriner (Soprano, Canada)
Robyn Allegra Parton (Soprano, UK)
Sydney Baedke (Soprano, Canada)
Alexandra Meier (Mezzo-Soprano, Switzerland)
Anne Marie Stanley (Mezzo-Soprano, USA)
Annabel Kennedy (Mezzo-Soprano, UK)
Carolyn Holt (Mezzo-Soprano, Ireland)
Emma Roberts (Mezzo-Soprano, UK)
Katie Macdonald (Mezzo-Soprano, UK)
Lauren Young (Mezzo-Soprano, UK)
Phoebe Rayner (Mezzo-Soprano, UK)
Sarah Richmond (Mezzo-Soprano, UK). The Elizabeth Harwood Artist for 2022-23
Valeria Girardello (Mezzo-Soprano, Italy)
Logan Lopez Gonzalez (Countertenor, Belgium)
Martin Luther Clark (Tenor, USA)
Jolyon Loy (Baritone, UK)
Kieran Rayner (Baritone, New Zealand)
Stephen Whitford (Baritone, UK)
Anthony Reed (Bass, USA)

Collaborative Pianists

Amy Chang (Taiwan/New Zealand)
David Palmer (UK)
Elli Welsh (Australia). The Viola Tunnard Artist for 2022-23
Hebba Benyaghla (UK)
José Javier Ucendo (Spain)
Keonju Lee (South Korea)
Richard Fu (USA)
Rob Hao (Australia)


Elicia Neo (Violin, Singapore)
Tiago Soares Silva (Violin, Portugal)
Miguel Sobrinho (Viola, Portugal)
Findlay Spence (Cello, UK)
Richard English (Double Bass, UK)
Hannah Gillingham (Flute, UK)
Raymond Brien (Clarinet, UK)
Tom Hall (Oboe, UK)
George Strivens (Horn, UK)
Tom Kearsey (Trumpet, UK)
Kalun Leung (Trombone, Canada)
Emily Newman (Bassoon, UK)
Tom Hall (Percussion, UK)


Beatrice Ferreira (Canada/USA)
Marcus Rock (UK)
Sasha Scott (UK)
Marcello Palazzo (UK/Italy)
Sun Keting (China/UK)
Philip Dutton (Czechia/UK)

Chamber Ensembles

Calathea Quartet (String Quartet, UK)
Dopey Monkey (Tuba, Euphonium & Percussion Trio, UK)
Ensemble Renard (Wind Quintet, UK)
Kleio Quartet (String Quartet, UK)
La Vaghezza (Trio Sonata Ensemble (early music), Italy)
Leonkoro String Quartet (String Quartet, Germany). Winners of the BPYAP prize at the Wigmore International String Quartet Competition
Pelléas Ensemble (Flute, Viola & Harp Trio, UK)
Quatuor Mona (String Quartet, France)
Resol Quartet (String Quartet, UK)
Salomé Quartet (String Quartet, UK)
Trio Bohemo (Piano Trio, Czechia)
Trio Cordiera (Piano Trio, UK)

We are so grateful to our supporters, without whom none of our work would be possible. Visit Support us to find out how you can help.

Supporters contributing toward the 2022/23 Britten Pears Young Artist Programme include:

Adrian Swire Charitable Trust, Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, Kirstene Baillie, Ruth Common, Shirley Ellis, Felicity Guinness, Professor Sir Barry Ife, Ken Moody, the Richard Cave Trust, Scarfe Charitable Trust, The Steel Charitable Trust, and the BPYAP Associates.

Singers: Anthony and Barbadee Meyer Song Bursary, Haskel Family Foundation, Tim and Lizzie-Boo Llewellyn.

Collaborative Pianists: Medd Bursary.

Instrumentalists: Chandos Memorial Trust, John Lawrence Field Memorial Fund.

Composers: Mary Mackintosh Fund.

Ensembles: H Steven & PE Wood Charitable Trust, Idlewild Trust.

Chamber Music in Residence: Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust, the Nicholson family in memory of Patricia Nicholson, Radcliffe Trust.

Sarah Richmond is the 2022/23 Elizabeth Harwood Memorial Award holder, supported by the Elizabeth Harwood Memorial Trust.

Elli Welsh is the 2022/23 Tunnard Young Artist, supported by The Viola Tunnard Trust.