Soprano Juliet Fraser presents a captivating triptych of musical works for voice and electronics including a collaboration with Festival featured composer Cassandra Miller.

The programme opens with the collaboration between Fraser and Miller. The performer puts on her headphones and settles down to meditate, for no-one but herself.

Inspired by the writings of marine biologist Rachel Carson (Silent Spring), Newton Armstrong’s work explores the image of a constant underwater “snowfall” of sediment that descends gradually to intensely dark depths, forming a swirling, descending murmuration of diversely particulate matter.

The programme concludes with a recent work by Rebecca Saunders, in which the mouth becomes a threshold, an opening to both the inner and the outer worlds.

Juliet Fraser soprano
Newton Armstrong sound

Cassandra Miller & Juliet Fraser:
Tracery: Hardanger (16’)
Newton Armstrong:
The Book of the Sediments (25’)
Rebecca Saunders:
The Mouth (UK premiere) (19’)