Join Amelia for a special masterclass on the versatility of beans.

Amelia is the founder of Bold Bean Co, the brand on a mission "To make you obsessed with beans, by giving you the best of beans". Bold Bean Co is known for sharing incredible bean recipes and selling expertly sourced jarred beans that "taste so good, you can eat them straight from the jar".

Years of working in the food industry (initially as a private chef, later in the food sustainability space), exposed Amelia to the problems facing our food system. Conscious of the need to reduce meat, to improve soil health and to create more resilient food systems for a more secure future, Amelia looked for a solution. Beans, with their ability to nourish growing populations and rejuvenate the soil, seemed like the logical answer.

One of the major barriers to consuming beans is the lack of recipes embracing their versatile nature, showing their use beyond a chilli con carne. Amelia recognised this - so long before she began selling her award winning beans, she started sharing bean recipes on Instagram.

All Masterclass participants will receive a free apron to take home, plus anything they make during the class will be packaged to take away.

Please note that you must purchase a ticket to the Festival as well as your Masterclass ticket.

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