Join chef Rowen Halstead for a masterclass in food preservation.

Embark on a culinary journey through time and taste as you learn the techniques passed down through generations to preserve the flavours of seasonal abundance. Whether you're a food enthusiast, home cook, or health-conscious individual, unlock the secrets of extending the shelf life of your favourite ingredients with Rowen Halstead, a Michelin-trained chef and keen advocate for sustainable and zero-waste cooking practices. In this extraordinary masterclass, you will explore the benefits of utilising ordinary food scraps and transforming them into extraordinary ferments, pickles, preserves, and beyond, empowering your culinary repertoire to reduce your food waste.

As a chef in the industry for over 12 years working in some of the most experienced kitchens in the country and across the globe, Rowen has witnessed first-hand the immeasurable amount of avoidable food waste that can be produced due to a lack of concern, knowledge and creativity. It opened his eyes to the importance of reducing our food waste, creating a more sustainable food system, and how integral zero-waste cooking practices are. For those reasons, it has become Rowen's goal to advocate and educate others about the food waste we produce, utilising and preserving what we can, and its overall impact on our planet and the economy.

All Masterclass participants will receive a free apron to take home, plus anything they make during the class will be packaged to take away.

Please note that you must purchase a ticket to the Festival as well as your Masterclass ticket.

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