This year’s Hesse Lecture, ‘History, Nature and the Age of Global Revolutions’, is given by Professor Peter Frankopan, acclaimed as “the first great historian of the 21st century”.

We are living through a time of profound changes – from global warming to widespread transformations of ecosystems, from shifting centres of global economic, political and military power to the emergence of new technologies that will shape the 21st century. In this wide-ranging talk, Professor Peter Frankopan will talk about continuities and change from the Big Bang to the world of today, looking at how fundamental re-assessments of the past can help better prepare us for the world of tomorrow.

Frankopan is Professor of Global History at Oxford University and of Silk Roads Studies at Cambridge University. The BBC calls him a "rock-star don". His Hesse Lecture promises to be a fascinating hour in the company of "the first great historian of the 21st century" (Brazil's DCM magazine).