The first of two concerts imagined by the Kreutzer Quartet as responses to this year’s Aldeburgh Festival opera, Giant.

The first of many opportunities at this year’s Aldeburgh Festival to hear magic in the overlapping of musical ideas. Following the world premiere of new opera Giant, this programme reflects the spirit of the evening, as well as its own world.

In Haydn’s String Quartet in D minor, the world falls to pieces. Early Priaulx Rainier reflects on endings and beginnings. Sadie Harrison’s piece references ancient and contemporary London threaded together by the “liquid history” of the Thames. And Eleanor Alberga’s Remember is a study of memory and time.

David Horne
's Different Ghosts was written for the Kreutzer Quartet and clarinettist Linda Merrick CBE. The title illustrates the volatile characteristics of the different sections of the piece while also referring to ‘ghosts’ of the clarinet's ideas resonating in the string quartet. Funded by the Ida Carroll Trust.

Kreutzer Quartet
Linda Merrick CBE

Eleanor Alberga:
Remember (3’)
Sadie Harrison:
The River Dreams of Winter (first public performance) (6’)
Quartet movement, 1922 (5’)
String Quartet in D minor, Op.103 (11’)
David Horne:
Different Ghosts (Clarinet Quintet) 2021 (world premiere) (22’)
The Kreutzer Quartet, led by the redoubtable Peter Sheppard Skærved, could not be more compelling

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