In this hands-on workshop day we’ll be introducing a range of creative technologies and explore how young musicians could use these within their music practice. We'll delve into recording and applying effects to sounds, visual mixing of images in real-time, ways of introducing audience participation using controllers, buttons and sensors, and culminate in a co-created audio-visual space / jam.

The workshop will be led by Collusion’s Liam Roberts, Associate Producer and visual artist, and Natalie Whitney, Assistant Technical Producer and participatory audio-visual artist, alongside sound artist Frazer Merrick.

Throughout the year, Aldeburgh Young Musicians provides additional standalone workshops and activities for young musicians aged 11-18. These fun, informative workshops are held by a range of inspirational professional artists exploring varying styles of music, performance opportunities, health and wellbeing activities, career advice and much more. Any young musician who would like to take part and collaborate with other like-minded individuals can sign up to these events – there’s no need to be involved with the programme or any of our activities.