An intimate tribute to the timeless songs of the legendary Joni Mitchell, with classics including California, A Case of You, and Both Sides Now.

Kathryn Pepper Vocals, Dulcimer
Paul Zervas Vocals, Guitar
Sam Andrews
Congas, Electric Guitar
Andrew Brown
Charlie Herbert
Keys, Vocals

Acclaimed singer-songwriters Paul Zervas and Kathryn Pepper present Joni Mitchell’s music in the style of her early performances.

Joni Mitchell is one of the most influential artists of the modern age, rising to stardom in the late 1960s. Her music and songwriting is the jewel in the crown of the Woodstock generation. Bursting onto the scene with a sound entirely her own, Joni earned the respect of her musical peers and the love of her audiences worldwide. She would go on to mine a deep emotional landscape and to push the boundaries of songcraft and artistry for over five decades.

The evening’s carefully crafted setlist will feature songs from Joni’s million-selling albums such as Clouds, Ladies of the Canyon, For The Roses, and Court and Spark - an evening not to be missed.

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