Participants | Nadine Benjamin

A multi-media music theatre piece based on the life story of opera singer Nadine Benjamin, using performance to highlight the many ways that trauma affects a life.

BEAM follows one woman’s journey from fragmentation to wholeness, exploring sexuality; race; gender; neurodiversity – dyspraxia, trauma-tourettes – domestic violence; bullying; addiction, and the role of music and creativity as healing forces in her life.

Team BEAM develops a new inclusive process of co-construction as a working practice and co-creation as an artistic practice.

Nadine Benjamin lead artist, co-dramaturg, composer, soprano
Darren Abrahams director, co-dramaturg, trauma specialist
Jan Rautio music director, arranger, keyboards, electronics
Decus Ensemble:
Uchenna Ngwe oboe (leader), Sarah Daramy-Williams violin, Samara Ginsberg cello

Gerrard Martin movement director, assistant director

Ellie Thompson video design
Callum Macdonald lighting design
Sarah Jane Booth costume and stage design

Claire Shovelton senior producer
Fay Jennett producer/EDI specialist
Helen Ashman stage manager
Craig White production manager

Drew Dalziel make up artist
Teresa Karcher lead artist liaison

BEAM Research & Development
Mikhail Karakis
visuals consultant
Sara Cowman
stage manager

Photos by Claire Shovelton

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