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Singer/songwriter & guitarist Call Me Unique fuses the sounds of jazz, soul, futurebeats, and scat-singing with influences from the likes of Lauryn Hill, Ed Sheeran, Ella Fitzgerald & Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes.

Born in Manchester and raised in Handsworth, Birmingham, Unique has graced the stages of UK festivals such as Glastonbury, Latitude, Strawberry Fields, Secret Garden Party, Mostly Jazz Fest, Simmer Down, and Oxjam. As well as touring Europe, Unique counts artists such as Monkeyneck, Adée, Àbáse, and RÓQA among her many international collaborations.

Performing at Festival of New with her 5-piece band, expect Call Me Unique’s performance to be honest, eclectic, and heartfelt.

One problem with Call Me Unique is her success, or rather the success of her material to date and the expectation it creates. She is, as quite clearly stated, unique.

Birmingham Review

“Being called "Unique" felt more fitting than ever questioning why "Natasha Brown" didn't. Being raised in the hugely influential Handsworth scene in Birmingham meant there was always room to adapt and sit proud in fusing genres and styles. From soul and jazz to modern rap and hints of scatted notes and melody, I always found music to be my peace. I pride myself in being a Stat-trix: the passion to sing over various modern genres.

I am predominantly soul / jazz but mixing this with acoustic simplicity and loop antics similar to Ed Sheeran, with the bubbling but honest serendipity of Ella Fitzgerald has allowed me to proudly claim this as "Unique". Also, who doesn't love a treble clef on cheek to identify how much the dedication towards music is a daily display?

I guess that's why I call being "Unique" came as more than just a name but an experience to share and express to others. And from the streets to the stage, I have always aimed to always portray an honest and heartfelt performance. And who else do you know that has a phobia of sweets: "NOW THAT’S UNIQUE!"