Participants | Charlie Grey, Joseph Peach, Owen Sinclair

Scotland-based folk duo Charlie and Joseph invite guest artists from across worlds and genres of music to feature in their new podcast series. In each episode, guests will bring a basis: melody, song, idea, chord progression, that over the course of a one-hour episode will be developed into a finished piece of music. This is completely new territory for the folk duo – an opportunity to rethink the nature of their work, how they make and present it, and to expand their practice as collaborators.

Fiddle/Piano duo Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach are currently developing a collaborative podcast series for release later in 2021. A series of twelve one hour episodes featuring unique collaboration and conversation with a guest artist from across worlds of folk, classical, jazz and electronica. The podcast is a celebration of new music, creative processes, and a wide range of artistic voices.

The guests – friends, colleagues, musical heroes, will be asked to bring the seed of an idea to the table. Over the course of a day-long writing session, this will be developed into a complete piece of new, collaborative music. That writing session and the new music created then becoming a podcast episode

The podcast will allow the listener the rare perspective of becoming a fly on the wall of the rehearsal room, inviting them into the process of collaboration, where conversation and ideas become new music, before hearing the end results.

In their Residency, the duo were joined by the first guest artist – multi-instrumentalist and producer Owen Sinclair. Together, they spent the week developing the processes they will use to create the series, as well as recording a pilot episode.

The project is supported by Britten Pears Arts, Creative Scotland, The Marchus Trust.

As both composers and players, the duo display enthralling prowess and attunement
5 Stars

The Scotsman