Nocturnal Sun is an inter-disciplinary performance piece that combines music, movement and visual art. Chisara's residency time was used to develop a physical and musical language for the piece and explore it’s different tones and movements with musicians and movement artists.

Sharing live in London for the first time since their residency at Snape Maltings, Chisara will premiere the first movement of Nocturnal Sun; Dust with an ensemble of live musicians and dancers at The Roundhouse, Camden on the 13th April.
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The project centres around themes of human history, spirituality and ecology. Beginning with exploring humanities relationship with the sun, set in a world where the nearest star is dying. The full piece follows humanity reflecting on our inter-personal, ecological and internal relationships and conflicts in different movements or ‘moving sound paintings’.

The project is charged with live musicians and vocalists. Combining sci-fi, surrealism and conceptual art the piece aims to speak of humanhood, our relationship with ourselves and others, the environment and the legacy that will be left when we are gone. Old wisdom recovering and creating new ritual. Blending cosmology and Igbo cosmology while investigating the structure of the universe and the deeper immaterial connections we can make across space and time.