Inspired by process-based music composition card decks such as Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies and Ben Chasny’s The Hexadic System, Lia Mice and Odd Lust are exploring new new methods for creating live AV electronic music performances via experimental methods of process-based generative music composition.

Lia Mice is a musician, live performer and designer of sculptural musical instruments. Her all-hardware live AV sets incorporate large-scale self-designed instruments and voice sampling with dancers and audio-reactive visuals. During her Snape Residency, Lia collaborated with London-based electronic music producer and performer Odd Lust (Alex Wallwork) to develop a new audio-visual live show.

During the open session, Lia Mice and Odd Lust shared the outcome of the residency, including discussion and “work in progress” live performance of the generative music making methods explored during the residency.

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