ThinkTanks are facilitated discussions held at Britten Pears Arts’ unique site at Snape Maltings. They bring together a broad range of stakeholders and cross-sector groups to explore specific themes. This interdisciplinary focus may include academic, health, social care, arts, culture and fundraising sectors. The aim is to embrace a wide range of perspectives and stimulate fresh thinking on contemporary topics in arts, health and wellbeing. Our ThinkTanks facilitate knowledge exchange, contribute to culture change and lay foundations for research, project development and collaboration.

Co-production is an evolving field in the arts. Effective co-production is grounded in the principles of accessibility, diversity, equality and reciprocity. This approach to art making involves work which is co-created and co-designed. Co-production is a democratic creative meeting of minds. This raises questions for the process of co-production in music and the arts, such as:

· What are the motives for approaching creative production this way?

· How can co-produced work be organised effectively?

· What are the challenges and opportunities associated with co-production?

We brought together key practitioners, thinkers and those with lived experience to explore these questions. Explore interviews with the participants, or download a PDF summary of the day.

Watch videos with the participants