Participants | Tin Men: Tony Roe, Pat Cleaver, Jamie Peet, Marcel Wierckx

In October 2017, Amsterdam-based trio Tin Men and the Telephone begun their voyage of experimentation at Snape Maltings, Suffolk. In partnership with the venue, their residency explored new ways to craft the live experience, uniquely and radically, involving the audience as active participants shaping the show.

Almost two years on, they returned to Snape Maltings to take part in the Festival of New, joining other acts that have been given the freedom to take risks and strive towards ambitions through Snape Maltings Residencies.

At a Tin Men show audiences are encouraged to get their phones out! Through the use of their bespoke, revolutionary smart phone app, ‘Tinmendo’, audiences become a part of their multi-faceted, interactive shows in real time. Audiences can swipe and shake to interact with the band; they can guide the set, craft rhythms and melodies from which the band improvise. Tin Men’s World Domination show sees an alien peace force sent to Earth to restore harmony, banishing unsavoury populist world leaders, it’s a humorous and provocative look at our modern world.

Free jazz, hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass and futuristic electronic sounds combine with soundbites from politicians and other absurd sources. Their quick-fire changes of direction and interaction with each other and the audience is virtuosic, ingenious and gloriously off the wall.