Growing up in the UK in a Caribbean family, Evadney’s sound has been shaped from his love of bold artists like Bjork, Kate Bush and Grace Jones, and later studying the likes of John Cale, Stockhausen and Musique concrete during his MA in Music Composition at Goldsmiths University. Debuting three stunning EPs of poetic electronic-pop odysseys on Black Acre Records, Evadney captured his own outsider experience. Led by his unique vocals, the politics of sexuality, identity and Evadney's intersectionality are played out across cinematic pieces of work. In 2022 Evadney will release his debut full length album.

"My vision is offering myself as a model for an exploration of energy creation and exchange. I want to show that stories at the most subtle level are abstract, subjective and etheric in nature, brought to form through language and interpretation. Beyond experiencing performance, the process itself I believe has something unique to stimulate creative thinking in all life. An artist is translating life energy into form, a composer is choosing from unlimited stimulus what to communicate. In a time of vast information available, I want to encourage a conversation, by way of recognition of subtle energy, on how we can navigate towards progressive and healthy narratives that can inform compassion and empathy between humans. I think there are unexplored parallels between an artist's work of bringing the non physical into form and that of individuals, groups and society developing new ideas and their associated structures into our day to day life.

A projection mapping music performance. Exploring storytelling, communication and energy transfer through song composition and performance. Set in 3 parts. First moving inside of me as the artist, shifting focus from the outer world to inner. Journeying then, through this inner space, looking at narrative formations via memories, dreams, hopes, culture and society. Highlighting available processes of perception, choice and focus. In the third act, we come back outside of the body to a representation of created song energy being transferred to the listener, through subconscious associations, experiential resonance, emotions and perceptions in the moment of viewing / listening."