Jake Mehew is a multi-disciplinary producer, composer, performer, improviser, educator and DJ. Jake’s work combines the philosophy of flow and jazz improvisation, with the technical considerations of electronic production; his work explores paradigm boundaries and the creativity bred within technical limitations. Jake performs with a Fender Rhodes and a modular synthesizer that he has been designing for the past year, delivering ambient, immersive and cathartic sonic experiences for the listener. His music is procedural, ritualistic and generative. Jake is forever searching for ways to liberate performance from its often linear and sequenced direction. His music is concerned with self-expression, radical invention and developing open-ended works as a springboard for departure.

Jake will be developing a new audio-visual installation during his residency at Snape Maltings, examining the microscopic world around us with great detail. Using 5.1 surround sound, field recordings, immersive sound design, and video synthesis, Jake hopes to create new landscapes, taking disparate stimuli and making it explicable and interconnected, all contextualized within a holistic performance experience. Jake’s desire to work with visuals and examine things with great scrutiny has come from a recent realization he has needed glasses his entire life to fix his undiagnosed short-sightedness.