Moina Moin: Born in Stroud in 1998 and working in expanded sculpture at Goldsmiths (2019) and Margate’s Open School East (2021-22) Moina has carved out a distinctive niche using animated sculpture, sound and public interactive environments to address time warps of stillness amongst everyday clatter. Her audiovisual work presents scenes of colourful mayhem with a nostalgic twist and a quiet lonesome humour, combining the surreal celebration of everyday oddities with a slow motion, uncomfortable clumsiness.

These celebrations are taken forward into her musical projects and collaborations through brass, woodwind, vocals, DJ-ing and production in Mermaid Chunky, Yama Warashi, JSSO Project, Alabaster DePlume’s ensemble and Saffron Records with a continual matrimony between musical improvisation and visual art performance.

Developing a co-dependent relationship between these mediums will guide Moina on her Snape residency at Britten Pears as she learns to employ new sampling hardware techniques alongside live responsive VJ software, collaging micro happenings within contrasting macro environments using gathered field recordings from the landscape surrounding Snape Maltings. This work will explore the microclimates plants, animals and humans have created for themselves in the wider alien landscape of Covid-19.