t l k is the project of Bristol-based producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator, Tara Lily Klein. The t l k sound has been shaped by Bristol’s live improvisation scene and manifested in Tara’s introverted moments. Combining intricate vocal layering with field recordings, analogue synthesis and digital processing, t l k creates immersively ethereal, heavy-leaning landscapes to better understand the worlds in which we swim. Since 2021, the three-piece band translation of the t l k sound world has moved fervently into the live space, with residencies at Factory Studios and esteemed melting pot The Gallimaufry, on Bristol’s Gloucester Road. The debut t l k EP, Strength In Tenderness, lands Feb 2022.

Beyond t l k, Tara heads up The Marma Project, founded in 2019. Focused on the fusion of sonic, visual and performance art, Marma makes space for meditative self therapy inside the transience of flow state exploration. The project prioritises a reframing of 'performers' and 'audience', inviting self-directed play in a wholly collaborative environment. Tara’s work also includes composition, sound design and engineering for film, podcast and lullaby projects, from independent to international in scale, as well as regular curations for Deepbed and Noods Radio.

The Snape Residency will mark the next phase of development for a new t l k EP, a collection of compositions processing the omnipresence of loss. During the Residency, Tara’s inner dialogues will be expanded and recontextualised through sonic interactions with space and place. With a focus on recording piano sounds, ambient vocals and field recordings, Tara looks forward to working in tandem with Snape's indoor and outdoor acoustic landscapes to blend familiar and unfamiliar sounds into the project. Tara’s vision for the making and sharing of this EP is to pair their evolving relationship with loss with a 'stepping out' beyond the introversion of domestic environments, where the t l k project has so far been focused. Snape will be a space for ‘play’, stretching through the boundaries of familiar creative routine to grow new understandings of loss and grief, experiment with new recording techniques and discover new ways to interact with sound.